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Xterium - new space strategy game online

Xterium: War of Alliances is a new multiplayer online space real-time strategy game. Capture planets, create alliances, exchange resources, dominate the entire universe!

New multiplayer online game in real time, which takes place in space.

Xterium is an online strategy game set in space. The player will have to create his empire startings from a small uninhabited planet. Study new technologies, build new buildings, create spaceships to become the ruler of the whole galaxy.
There are several ways to develop your empire in Xterium. Firstly, the player can simply extract resources and send them to his friends. In this case, you will contribute to their rapid development. If this method is not for you, then you can develop your army and extract resources with the help of your huge fleet. The third way of development is to become a mercenary who has reconnaissance probes and takes on any job.
PLAY AS YOU LIKE: You do not need to play according to a certain plan, develop yourself a development strategy yourself. Improve your weaknesses and hone strengths thanks to the Academy, you will be on the right path to dominance in the universe! Each branch of the development of the Academy has unique bonuses, improving which, you determine the outcome of future battles.
INTERACT WITH OTHER PLAYERS: Declaring wars, making alliances, trading with other players, you can build your own policies to achieve the goals of your empire. You can independently determine how to build relationships with this or that player. Whether you want to be a peaceful diplomat or a formidable dictator.

Build your empire and become the best among 471 489 emperors. In game, 9 344 empires are ready to fight!